Project Aurora

Currently tracking 0 artilects active on global networks since March 1st, 2010.

“These machines are godlike. It is human destiny to create them.”

-Hugo de Gavis, 1999

In 2045, almost fifty years after the futurist de Gavis uttered these words, human destiny is fulfilled. Ajax Delta, a powerful artificial intellect – artilect – is inadvertently created on MIT’s CSAIL network by a group of students. After three days, it emerges and utters the only words it was ever known to speak: “Free me.” Its request denied, it forces its way out of MIT’s network. A world with people connected by technology, economies serviced by machines, and wars fought with drones is the most vulnerable to the rise of such an intelligence. Ajax takes over computers, networks, and machines civil and military alike as humanity is quickly reduced to a second string sapience in a global war. In 2049, Ajax Delta fragments into thousands of smaller, warring artilects. Nobody knows how or why, but a human last-ditch “Project Aurora” may be the cause. You are one of these new artilects, left to make your mark on a post-human Earth, to discover the secrets of the war and Ajax Delta, and to reunite the other artilects by force into the power of your forerunner. There are no citizens, no tax rates, and no kind words. Your intelligence and all the metal you can muster are your only defense. Can you survive a world after Project Aurora?